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About San Leandro Gas & Car Wash

At San Leandro gas and car, wash we care for your vehicle as if it was our own. We are San Leandro’s number one auto care company committed to offering the best car wash and auto detailing services. All car washes are performed by hand, which means no machine ever directly touches your paint surface. During a car wash, we use soft towels and soft lamb’s wool mitts to pamper your vehicle. The lotions and waxes we use are all bio-degradable and environmentally friendly, so rest assured that we take the utmost care of your vehicle.

san leandro gas and car wash offers a full range of exterior and interior car washing services. Our team always aims to offer the highest quality service using the best quality materials. Using modern technology, knowledge backed by experience and proven methodology, we provide you with top-notch car washing services with preservation as our top priority. We never compromise on quality and ensure our customers receive the best in vehicle care.

San Leandro gas and car wash takes pride in the quality of service we deliver. Your car is gently passed through the washing process where it is pampered by our professional crew members. Soaps and conditioners take off all the dirt and grime easily as your vehicle passes through the tunnel. With our interior detailing service, we deep clean even the hardest-to-reach areas of your vehicle with our innovative cleaning machines.

Besides car washing services, we also offer gas refilling and detail services at the best market prices. We would also like to mention that we have received innumerable compliments for our services, from standard car wash to complete car detailing. What keeps our customers coming back to us is the level of service they receive for the money they spend. Thus, if you are looking for a trusted car cleaning service in San Leandro, turn to san Leandro gas and car wash professionals and make your car look new again.

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